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SenlanImportant events

SenlanImportant events

The Development of Slanvert witnesses Chinaautomation industry’s development. The footprint of Slanvert compresses Chinesenational frequency inverter development’s orbit

The following are Slanvert’s importantevents which are worth of being remembered by our all Slanvert’s People

  • In 1995, Slanvert     had found Chengdu Hope Electronic Researching Institute and started to     develop and research variable frequency technology and related products in     order to break the monopoly of foreign brands.

  • In 1997, Slanvert’s     stimulant superconduction technology had gained national invention patent and successfully applied in Slanvert Series     products.

  • In 1998, The First     Slanvert frequency inverter had launched to the market and Slanvert had     become one of the first batch of Chinese enterprises which engaged in     frequency inverter industry.

  • In 1999, Slanvert     as the only representative brand from frequency inverter industry had     gained     Golden Metal inThe Forth     Shanghai Science and Technology Exposition.

  • In 2000, Slanvert     had built a sales and service network cover the whole China to     provide Slanvert’s delicate service to the customer.

  • At March 2001,     Slanvert had established oversea market department and started to develop oversea     market.

  • In 2001, Slanvert     had promoted vector control technology and successfully launched SB60     series vector control frequency inverter.

  • In 2002, as the     only domestic brand Slanvert had been elected as the most welcomed brand     among top ten brands in mainland China by <<ELECTRIC AGE>>.

  • In early 2003,     Slanvert has passed CE certificate and started to promote Slanvert     products to Europe market.

  • In 2004, Slanvert was     honored with Outstanding National Torch Program Project by Ministry     of Science and Technology of P,R, China.

  • At December 2005,     Slanvert had been regarded as “Top Ten Chinese Domestic Frequency Inverter     Brand” and placed No.1.

  • At March 2010,     Slanver launched SB61Z+ frequency inverter, the model specifically     designed for injection molding machine, which meant that Slanvert     started to enter the specific professional market segment.

  • At June 2006,     Slanvert had been regarded as “No. 1 of Top Ten Customer     Most-satisfied Chinese Domestic Inverter Brands of annual 2005-2006”.

  • At June 2006,     Slenvert launched SB70UNIDRIVER high performance vector control frequency     inverter.

  • At 2006 September,     Slanvert 560KW low voltage & high capacity frequency inverter rolled     off the production line, which makes slanvert become the first brand which     can manufacture low voltage & high capacity frequency inverter in the     industry.

  • At April 2007,     Slanvert honored with No.1 Chinese Inverter Brand again.

  • At May 2007,     Slanvert established Postdoctoral R&D Institute.

  • At June 2007,     Slanvert passed ISO14001 Environmental Management System     Certification.

  • At September 2007,     Slanvert was honored with “Top China Brand” product.

  • At November 2007,     Slanvert was regarded as “No. 1 of Top Ten Customer     Most-satisfied Chinese Domestic Inverter Brands” once again.

  • At April 2008,     Slanvert was honored with the “2007 Annual Top Ten Enterprise of Chinese     Automation Industry ” and “The Most Influential Enterprise in China’s     Electric Equipment Industry” in sequence.

  • At April 2009, Slanvert     won another straight “No.1      Chinese Inverter Brand” and “The Most Influential Brand in     China’s     Electric Equipment Industry”.

  • At April 2009,     Slanvert established technology R&D center in Beijing,     which enhanced Slanvert’s technology force in Beijing     and Chengdu     significantly.

  • At December 2009,     Slanvert had successfully signed the distribution agreement with Sweden distributor,     which makes Slanvert’s products enter into Nordic market.


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