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ChengDu Hope Institute of Electronics Co.,Ltd.

ChengDu Hope Institute of Electronics Co.,Ltd.

Chengdu Hope Electronics Institute Co., Ltd.(HEI) is the technology and new products R&D center of Hope Senlan Scienceand Technology Corp., Ltd. It devotes to the research, developing and applyingof frequency conversion technology, utilizing control technology, powerelectric hi-tech and energy & environmental technology. It enjoys manysignificant inventions and great achievements on simulant superconductioncontrol, harmonic suppression, EMC technology, torque vector control, thermaldesign of power electronic equipments and other related fields. The number ofDoctors, Masters and Bachelors occupy over 90 per center of the technicalresearch staff currently, which represent Senlan’s great capability on newtechnology and product R&D.  Up tillnow, HEI owns dozens of patens and proprietary technologies. In addition,several of our patents are in pending in the State Intellectual Property Officeof P.R.China.

The R&D and management of HEI ismarket-oriented. Based on the deep communication and contact with our customersalong with our marketing person, our technical staff always take customers’real requirements and needs as the vital reference for their R&D work andreal make sure the research project is based on the market needs. HEI advocatesequal and open R&D atmosphere, and also encourages dedication andinnovation spirit. Meanwhile, HEI also provides abundant technology researchand new product development sources for R&D engineers.

HEI widely cooperates and communicates withvaries research academies and institutes from both domestic and abroad, andalso participate varies scientific academic communication conferences. WithHEI’s continuous efforts, Senlan makes outstanding contributions to thethriving of Chinese national frequency inverter industry.


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