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Hope Electronics Research Institute

I       R&D Organization of the Company

To managethe R&D team in a standard, orderly and scientific way, the Companyestablished a complete R&D organization, which is shown below:

II     Stage of the Projection Technologies of the Company’s MainProducts

Theproduction technologies of the Company’s main products are in the stage of massproduction. The major key technologies include:



Major Patents and  Proprietary Technologies

Technology of  frequency-conversion speed regulation


Technology of high performance quasi-superconductivity control

Technology of high accuracy current detection

Technology of vector control of asynchronous machine

Technology of highly effective cooling

IGBT drive technology

IGBT parallel connection technology

Technology of built-in system

Technology of braking unit

Braking unit

Technology of computer  software

Inverter monitoring  software

III    Systemand Arrangement of Technical Innovation in the Company

1.     StrategicDecision Making System for Medium and Long Term Technical Innovation

TheCompany has been sticking to the technical development featured with thecombination of production, education and research, establishing long-termfriendly and close cooperation with many famous universities in China, settingup “Hope Senlan” Scholarship Fund (RMB 1,000,000 Yuan) in Zhejiang Universityand founding Sichuan Technical Research Centre of Frequency-conversion SpeedRegulation Engineering.

2.     Settingup Senlan Post-doctoral Workstation, Supporting Technical Development

To keepedge in the fierce market competition and attract Hi-tech talents, the Companyset up the post-doctoral workstation, which plays an positive role in theintroducing talents, accelerating product development, improving technicalinnovative capability, promoting technical progress of the Company, upgradingenterprise core competitiveness, and provides essential support for the initiativeto build the Company into the largest inverter scientific research base inChina.

3.     Stickingto Independent Technical Development, Cultivating a R&D Team withCharacteristics of Hope Group

TheCompany has been sticking to the technical development of independent andinnovation, achieved scores of patented technologies and established a completeintellectual property system with the feature of independent innovation. Todayin the domestic inverter industry, we have had unique professional advantages,unveiling new products and gaining good feedback from the market every year.Thanks to years of independent innovation and cultivation of R&D team inkey technology, the Company has trained and nurtured a large number oftechnical backbones and experts in inverter industry and maintained a R&Dteam with the characteristics of Hope Group. The professional staff and teamhelp ensure the manpower demands for the constancy and stability of thetechnical development in the Company.

4.     BrandStrategy, Product R&D Policy of Market Demand Orientation

TheCompany has always been sticking to the concept of “Supporting the Businesswith Science & Technology”, implementing the brand strategy of “CreatingBrands with Science & Technology; Consolidating Brands with Quality;Popularizing Brands with Service” and regarding market demand as theorientation of product development. For a long time, the Company has beenadhering to the principle of “scientific justification, prudent initiating andcorporate democracy” for new projects, keeping combining the initiating of thedevelopment projects of new technologies and products with feasibility study ofmarket demand and has established a comprehensive evaluation system for thecontrollable failures of technical innovation. These measures ensure a virtuouscircle of the new product R&D system in the Company.

5.     ConsistentNurturing of Technical Talents

Stickingto “Excellent Talent Strategy” and sustainable talent nurturing, the Companyrecruits graduates from well known universities in China every year and puts in placenurturing program for internal technical backbones to upgrade the expertise ofthe technical staff.

6.     EnergyConservation, Emission Reduction, Strong Awareness of Social Commitment

As acommon responsibility of the world, energy conservation, emission reduction andscientific utilization of energy are the necessary choice for sustainableeconomic development. Since a long time ago, the Company has addressed itselfto the research, development and spreading of high-efficiency, energy savingtechnologies and products and achieved prominent economic and social benefitsin energy conservation, environmental protection and improvement of industrialautomation.

IV    Technologyand Product Reserves of the Company

Thecurrent main study subjects and orientations of the Company include: vectorcontrol of asynchronous machine and synchronous machine, servo control system,dual-PWM four-quadrant operating inverter, three-phase and single-phase PFC,built-in control system, computer monitoring software, highly effective coolingsystem, high IP inverter, superpower frequency conversion technology and coalmine flameproof inverter.


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